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While scuba diving lugging a camera I am often mesmerized by the terrestrial human world as I approach the surface. Most underwater photography is a human perspective of that other world beneath the surface, colourful images of fish, coral, and humans behind diving masks and regulators. This gallery focuses on our human world, as seen by inhabitants from the OtherWorld.

The constantly moving interface between air and water, gas and liquid, leads to innumerable reflections and refractions, and incredibly subtle and beautiful changes in hue.

The mood and spirit of the body of water determines how objects below get reflected, and how objects above are refracted. Mother Ocean calm and tranquil? - the interface is a looking glass. Storm and tempest? - the interface is not a pleasant place to be, and what is above remains mysterious and unknown. Irrespective of mood and spirit, the interface between this OtherWorld and our human world is full of beauty and splendour.

The patterns, textures, and hues evoke the timelessness of the OtherWorld. Dynamic and ever changing, but always the same.

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Kevin Glennon Photography & Writing

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